Over 50 presenters will attend MIT Energy Night 2018. Below, you can find a short summary on few of them!

Main Showcases:


the faster, cheaper path to fusion

MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) and a privately funded start-up, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) have partnered on a project aimed at dramatically speeding up the development of fusion energy. The CFS strategy is to pursue early commercialization with a goal of putting power on the grid soon enough to impact global warming. The SPARC team will showcase a project which will produce net fusion energy at Energy Night 2018.

Via SepArations


Via Separations offers a more modular and resource efficient separation solution enabled by novel membrane materials. By pioneering a new filtration membrane based on graphene oxide for fine liquid filtration in challenging environments, the material platform improves selectivity between key nanofiltration solutes and can operate with dramatically increased temperature stability, solvent resistance, and oxidizer tolerance. Physical separations have the potential to reduce the 15% of total US energy consumption used for evaporation and distillation-based separations by a factor of 10.

Spun out of the Grossman Group at MIT, Via Separations is poised to be among the first to produce commercial graphene oxide-based products that will extend the boundaries of liquid filtration.

More Presenters


  • MIT: Roof mounted wind turbine

  • C-Motive Technologies: Electrostatic Motors and Generators

  • MIT / Takachar: Decentralized upgrading of biomass resources

  • MIT: 3D printed Ultrathin-wall Cellular Ceramic Substrates for Catalytic Waste Gas Converters


  • MIT: Machine Learning for Inorganic Materials Discovery

  • MIT: Energy impacts of automated mobility on demand strategies in US cities

  • Device Research Laboratory: Transparent Aerogels for Energy Efficient Windows


  • Fiat Flux Self-cleaning water filters

  • GEN H: Smart Small Hydro Projects

  • MIT: Vibration-enhanced Cleaning of Fouled Membranes in Desalination

  • MIT: The Power of Aluminum

  • UMASS Amherst: Reduction of Plastic Water Bottles

  • Infinite Cooling

Policy and Impact

  • MIT: Evaluating the causes of cost reduction in photovoltaic modules

  • MIT: An integrated approach towards Water-Energy Nexus

  • Synapse Energy Economics: Modeling National Carbon Price Pathways in EnCompass: 2018-2050

  • MIT and IIT Delhi: Viable business models for rural electrification in India

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherts: Analysis of the Expansion Criteria in the Supply of Electricity in Colombia: Revisiting the energy-economics in transition to a greener mix

  • MENA CC: A Decision Support Tool for Clean Energy Transition in the MENA Region

Smart Grid

  • Medley Thermal: Dynamic Electrification of Process Steam

  • Tagup Inc: Predicting transformer failures at Con Edison

  • Boston University: Strategic behaviour of Distributed Energy resources in Energy and Reserve Distribution Markets

  • MIT: A Systems and Control Perspective of CPS Security

  • Peak Power: Enabling Building Owners to Benefit from Energy Storage & Big Data

Machine LEarning

  • MIT: Bild - Renewable energy investment platform

  • Schneider Electric: Predictive Maintenance for UPS and Energy Storage Battery Systems


  • MIT: Cavity absorber-emitters for high-temperature solar thermophotovoltaics

  • MIT: GridEdge Solar

  • Northeastern University: Synergistic Effect of Mo + Cu Codoping on the Photocatalytic Behavior of Metastable TiO2 Solid Solutions

  • Solstice: Solstice Community Solar


  • Ambri Inc.: Molten Salt Batteries for Grid-Scale, Stationary Electricity Storage

  • MIT ChemE: Oxygen-Tolerant Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide

  • Form Energy

  • RLE: High Rate Lithium Ion Cell Test Results

  • Novarials Corporation: High Performance Battery Separators

  • MIT MechE: Thermal Energy Grid Storage Above 2000°C Using Multi-Junction Photovoltaics

  • MIT: Biological green battery

  • MIT: Firebrick Resistance-heated Energy Storage (FIRES)

  • Electra Vehicles, Inc.: Optimized Design and Controls for Next-Generation Energy Storage Systems

Traditional Energy Sources

  • Nuclear Science and Engineering: Exploring the Mysteries of Boiling Using Nano-Engineered Surfaces, Advanced Techniques, and Cutting-Edge Analysis

  • MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab: Accident Tolerant Fuel for LWRsM

  • MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory: Salt-Cooled Reactor Technology at the MIT NRL

  • MIT: Offshore Nuclear Plant

  • MIT: Revealing the effects of damping on the flow-induced vibration of flexible cylinders

  • MIT: Thin-Film Metal-organic Framework Membranes for Energy Efficient Separations


  • nuTonomy

  • MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team

  • Lightspeed Energy, LLC: The Sunrise EV

  • MIT Motorsports


  • Schneider Electric

  • Greentown Labs

  • MIT EnergyHack

  • MIT Energy Initiative